Scattering Leaves

Do you dare to be free?

"Scattering Leaves" takes you on a journey. A journey that the song also took us on as musicians. A journey that made us happy and brought us a lot of joy.

This song means something different to everyone, where does your journey take you?

The melody and part of the lyrics of "Scattering Leaves" were written in autumn 2019.

In the course of 2020, the decision matured more and more in us to arrange this song, record it and thus share with you the emotions we associate with music and especially with this song.

We are two musicians from South Baden who have been making music together for several years.

Nine Gees is an international folk musician and artist, Andrea Griesser is a stage-experienced singer, flutist and composer.


music / lyrics:

Andrea Griesser


Andrea Griesser & Nine Gees


Andrea Griesser, Nine Gees


vocals / whistle: 

Andrea Griesser

fiddle / percussion (Bodhran): 


       1. Feel the wind blowing gently through the trees

           Bringing the breath of liberty

           Can you imagine to fly with the leaves?

           Can you imagine to be free?



           Let us follow the scattering leaves

            Falling down from the colorful trees

            Sprightly travelling with the wind

            Whre no one has ever sinned.


       2. Thoughts running free, searching for a place to hide

           Reaching no limits but the sky

           Colorful leaves flying faithful by your side

           You’ll never know if you don’t try.




          Leaves are fleeting, it's meant to be

          the wind stops blowing, thoughts fly free.


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